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Mission Special Olympics Memory Wall

Mission Special Olympics  Athlete Clayton English

































Mission Special Olympics Athlete Clayton English passed away

in loveing memory Mission Special Olympics would like to say condolence to Clayton family friends love ones that knew him and cared for him and all of us will mess you will always be great athlete inspration to us all

His accomplishments to many to remember but won numorious bowling award.

Also won in Softball Medal and also his big acomplishment is his time in soccer.

He got gold medal for Special Olympics B.C Summer Games in 1997 in Coquitlam A Gold Medal  there.

Then Special Olympics  National Summer Games he won Gold Medal in Subury in 1998.

he was the team goalie along with James Stowell


In reconizing  Clayton English for his athletic achivements

Mission Special Olympics is proud him all fellow athletes played with him and that new him in Mission Special Olympics as player he will be missed

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